TTMADRS (2T) – About Us


We are musicians, dancers, artists and lovers of all kinds of music, participatory dance, and creative arts.

We are currently incorporated as a 501(c)3 educational non-profit as we explore possibilities and raise funds to design a permeable, playful arts village that includes a continuum of care for older adults. We are in the process of purchasing land, beginning design discussions, and generally starting to plan our community.

This group of pioneers has a volunteer Board. The members of this board are:

  • Mareah Steketee, President
  • Dean Herington, Treasurer
  • Alan Julich, Secretary
  • Ed Cox, At-large
  • Peggy Craft, At-large
  • Pat Petersen, At-large
  • Lucy Ringland, At-large
  • Margaret Sharp, At-large
  • Wilma Stanley, At-large