Founders Survey 2020

Summary of Survey on Housing, Ownership, and Community Amenities Preferences 

In November 2020 we received completed surveys from 38 Founder households which is 98% of all Founder households.  One third of the respondent households are single-person. 

Most surveyed Founder households won’t be ready to move in until 2024 or later.

Our three core amenities include:

  • a dance/community hall
  • a dining facility/food services
  • a licensed Family Care Home (Household Model)

At least two-thirds of Founder households that responded to the survey indicated that these amenities should be either in place upon move in or within one year.

Respondents considered the following other amenities (on- or off-site) essential or important (by the percentages shown):

  • cultural/recreational facilities: 82%
  • a licensed Skilled Nursing Facility: 66% 
  • access to health care with a physician or nurse practitioner and in-home assistance with activities of daily living: 50%

The survey results on housing preferences suggest a development which prioritizes semi-detached dwellings first, apartments second, and single family residences in the third phase, but also realizes that a mix of housing is important in each phase.

A life estate ownership** structure was strongly preferred (nearly 2:1) over fee simple. Nearly a third of respondents identified fee simple as unacceptable.

**In the survey, "life estate ownership" referred to a model in which an initial investment in the community gives residents the right to live in the unit for the rest of their lives.  "Reservation, without ownership" is a more legally correct term; "life estate ownership" is an estate planning tool that avoids passing property through a will.