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In January 2018, the TTMADRS board held a series of all-day meetings with consultants, Action Pact, and Founders to determine cultural, physical and financial design.

Action Pact uses an integrative approach (IPA – Integrative Prefeasibility Analysis)  to form a team responsible for developing a project plan that is designed to provide the optimal mix of architectural, operational, cultural, and financial variables. This approach is done by bringing our board and founders together with a group of professionals from a variety of disciplines and is meant to give us a clear view of the potential for developing our community:

  • A sense of what kind of community we want to create
  • An architectural footprint
  • Guidance on what kind of land to buy
  • A project scope, budget and timeline
  • An operational budget with a 10-year forecast
  • A decision about ownership structure (for-profit, non-profit, cooperative)
  • A business plan

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The IPA Team

The Integrative Prefeasibility Analysis team consists of:

  • TTMADRS Board of Directors and Founders
  • About 60 of our 75 founders
  • Action Pact staff:
    • Steve Shields
    • Martin Dickmann
    • Chris Cole

The IPA team met for a total of six full days in the first quarter of 2018. In June, 2018, Action Pact returns to meet with us to present a business plan.

    Meet Action Pact

    Learn more about Action Pact and the individuals that will be involved in our project, including a TED Talk and information about other projects.