What’s Been Done

We have done these things:

  • Formed an educational non-profit to educate people about options for later-life housing, healthcare and costs.
  • Held many educational workshops on aging choices.
  • 2016 - commissioned a Market Study
  • Engaged in a successful fundraising campaign to fund Action Pact and other professionals to guide us through the design process.
  • Engaged in a series of design meetings with Action Pact and our Founders. 
  • Fall 2018  - met with area private school to explore potential land/mission partnership
  • Fall 2018  - retained local law firm to help with creation of LLC
  • June 2019  - took delivery of an Integrated Business Plan and reviewed with Founders 
  • Early 2019  - we created a for profit LLC, Touchstone of the Piedmont to be utilized as needed.
  • Summer 2019 - contracted with area “development shepherd” to being systematic review of area real estate opportunities
  • Summer 2019 -  surveyed Founders to compile demographic and financial data for possible use with banks and potential development partners