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Our consultants from Action Pact joined a large group of Founders for our second round of planning meetings on February 27th and 28th. They gathered a lot of information from us, using small learning circles, polls, and large group discussion. It’s challenging to winnow out what people wish for versus what they absolutely need. It’s also interesting to ponder what one wants versus what one is willing and able to pay for. We never thought it would be easy or simple; now we are seeing in detail how complicated and multi-faceted this exciting process is.

The Board is reviewing all the data collected and putting it in some order to mesh with the analyses our consultants are doing back in their offices. We’ve begun a spreadsheet of all the parcels we know about. When we are clearer about how much land we need and can afford, we’ll engage an expert site locator.

One thing we know we need is more people! Our costs are lower when spread out over a large group, so we will soon be doing more marketing and outreach. Part of that includes changing our name to reflect our openness to anyone who would like to live with lovers of music, dance, and the arts, whether or not they actively engage in those activities. We are close to coming up with a nominee.

Soon we’ll begin another round of fundraising to replenish our bank account for the next steps of planning and implementing.

We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, please spread the word about us to friends and family, both in person and via Facebook and other social media. Feel free to share links to our website and Facebook page. If you would like business cards and/or brochures, let us know by leaving a message here. Let’s keep the buzz going!

Triangle Traditional Music and Dance Retirement Society